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What a splendid occasion! I confess that I didn’t keep with the commentary and speculation until only a day or two ago, when the program (and the music!) were released.

Whenever something like this happens there’s always the questions, Is a monarchy still relevant in today’s world, and if so, why. The best answer I’ve seen was in the New York Times, in a discussion between columnists David Brooks and Gail Collins (both always worth reading, btw). Brooks was quoting a sentence by Bret Stephens in his Wall Street Journal column last Tuesday:

 “Royalty is the most venerable embodiment of British tradition, tradition is the lifeblood of identity, identity generates social cohesion without resort to force, and social cohesion is the sine qua non of a viable polity.”

Brooks continued, “That sentence beautifully captures why the royal family matters and why the U.K. would be much worse off without it.”

That sentence is worth pondering. For me it definitively  answers the question. And one could apply it to music (of whatever style), high-quality work in general, and no doubt many other things. But I’ll leave that to others!

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