Jack Russell Terriers and Philip Leakey   Leave a comment

When we were training our first Jack, my wife made a telling comment, “All of life is interesting for a Jack Russell Terrier!” So true!

For those of you who, like me, didn’t really know dog breeds, these dogs were first bred in the 19th century by an English minister named John Russell (a great  fox hunter – somewhat less of a parson perhaps, as his bishop censured him for riding to hounds instead of caring for his flock!), and are  super-energetic and somewhat stubborn. The cute little dog on the old “Frasier” TV show was a JRT. Someone said a JRT will make you laugh at least once a day – also true!

Curiosity – we are all born with it, but JRTs retain it, while most humans seem not to. NYTimes columnist David Brooks, who has been in East Africa recently, has a wonderful story about one human who has stayed curious.

          He concludes:

“Some people specialize, and certainly the modern economy encourages that. But there are still people, even if only out in the African wilderness, with a wandering curiosity, alighting on every interesting part of their environment.

“… the essential piece of advice for a question-driven life: Know something about something. Don’t just present your wonderful self to the world. Constantly amass knowledge and offer it around.”

The whole piece (as with most of Brooks’ columns) is well worth a minute or two of your time! Check it out:


P.S. If you’re thinking about getting a Jack Russell Terrier, think twice, and be sure to check out www.terrier.com for their advice and an online profiler. We’re devoted Jack owners, and now on our second one, but they do take special attention!

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