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Happy New Year!   4 comments

If you didn’t catch the live streaming of the two Rosh Hashana services at my temple (Temple Beth Ohr in La Mirada) – they were streamed live, a first for this wonderful group – I’m hoping to get a link to a recording soon.

Meanwhile, our temple secretary (and alto in our choral quartet), shared this:

I’ve heard a ton of positive remarks about the music. Everyone seems to be really enjoying it, and glad that it was just the quartet this year. I’ve even heard that it has been the most meaningful musical holidays for some. Well done, Ray. I know your beautiful arrangements had a lot to do with that.:)

I had a feeling at both the rehearsals and the services that we were hitting it out of the park! Now onward to Yom Kippur, which will also include music I’ve arranged.

Here’s the link. If you’d like to tune in next week (we had one viewer watching from Israel!), the services are on Tuesday 9/25 at 8 pm and Wednesday 9/26 at 10 am.

In the meantime, L’Shanah Tovah u’Mitukah ~ To A Good And Sweet New Year!

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