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Elliott Carter died Monday. He was born on the same day in the same year as Messiaen, December 1908 (yes, Carter was 103 years old).

I had the pleasure of performing two of his major pieces – one at Carnegie Recital Hall, and one at Yale.  read more here…

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  1. Hi, Ray, Here’s a copy of Elliott Carter’s obit in the LA Times with the following Dudamel quote.

    “Not only did Carter long outlive all of the significant composers of his generation, he astonished the musical world by remaining inventive and prolific up to the end. On Oct. 25, Los Angeles Philharmonic musical director Gustavo Dudamel conducted the world premiere of Carter’s most recent piece, “Dialogues II,” at La Scala in Milan. “This is music that comes from a very deep soul,” Dudamel said Monday night. “While we mourn his loss, what he achieved as a composer, as an artist and as a creator will be eternal. I am very honored to have been a part of this.”

    I enjoyed reading your blog post. Thank you!

    I thought you’d like this:

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