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Many years ago, I took advantage of a singular opportunity to travel to Santa Barbara to reconnect with one of my heroes, Sir David Willcocks (I had accompanied for him for many years at Westminster Choir College, among other places, during the 80s, when I lived in the east), at a choral workshop put on by Cantori Domino. 

This led to a 15-year relationship where my dear wife and I both sang, and I occasionally played in their orchestra. Now, with the sad passing of Mary Gerlitz (see “A Fond Remembrance” below), Cantori Domino’s artistic director, Bunny Thornburgh, has asked me to be their new accompanist, and I have accepted.

With enthusiasm! Though I enjoy singing very much with this group – one of the finest choirs in LA – I am very much looking forward to playing for this outstanding group of singers as well! It will be great fun as well as a privilege to accompany for this choir!

6 responses to “A New Role

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  1. Glad you accepted, Ray. As a choir member, I have always held both conductors and accompanists in high regard. We depend way too much on good ones, and they really help the choir.


  2. “Music is an agreeable harmony for the honor of God and the permissible delights of the soul.” jsb

  3. As one who benefitted many years ago from your skills, I say they are lucky to have you. All the best! — Ben

  4. Congrats, Ray!

  5. Oh, Yay! Ray! What fun is ahead!

  6. Wonderful, Ray! I think Cantori is lucky to have you, whatever you do with them!

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