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A Milestone   3 comments

Today I completed about 25 years at St. Francis Episcopal Church in Palos Verdes Estates, CA. This is the longest I will be at any church, and is likely to be the longest organist tenure for this particular parish. I worked with three of the church’s four rectors, several associates, and two interims. I played for untold numbers of weddings and funerals.

Of course I have many deep roots there, and many memories of the place and the people. And the vast majority are positive and uplifting!

I want to acknowledge and thank all those who have expressed their sadness that I am leaving and wished me well. And more broadly to those I worked with directly: my choir singers of all ages, and the parents of the choir kids, who got them to the rehearsals and services (I was there long enough to see at least two of my choir kids recently bear children of their own!).

It’s been a good run. Now, onward!

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Concert!   2 comments

Next week is a big one for me – I’m changing music positions, AND playing a recital two days after I start!

The concert isn’t at my new church, but at First United Methodist Church in Santa Monica, where I’ll be starting off their Mid-Week Concert series for this spring.

The concert is Wednesday, January 8, at 12:10 – 1008 11th Street, Santa Monica, and will last about 30 minutes. Parking is available across from the church, on 11th Street.

I’ll be playing quite a varied program of organ music by Bach and Widor, more recent composers Daniel Pinkham, Los Angeles’ own Craig Phillips, David Cherwein, and between the old and the new, organist and composer Louis Lefebure-Wely, the 19th century Liberace of the organ – some obscure names, but very good composers, every one!

Many thanks to the church staff, and especially Music Director Jim Smith and administrator Sarah Rold, who edited the program.

I’m very excited about the concert, as this series is a new venue for me, and both the organ and the building are very good indeed.

Hope to see you there!

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