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Ray Urwin is an organist and composer based in Southern California, via Toledo, Oberlin, NY, Yale, Delaware, and marriage and fatherhood. He is a member of the Association of Anglican Musicians, the American Guild of Organists, Music Teachers Association of California, and the Board of Directors of the Cantori Domino choir in Los Angeles.

Words about Ray Urwin from…

…choir members…

“Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your musicianship, kindness and professionalism. It’s truly a pleasure and honor to sing with the St. Francis Choir. I am blessed to have sung with Ray Urwin, tops in his field of expertise!”

“Thank you for inspiring me to work harder and do better! Keep on writing – so we can keep singing your beautiful music!!”

“Singing with you is like being in a master class!”

…the folks in the pews…

“Rarely does a service go by where I am not moved to tears by the utter beauty…”

“Listening to you on Good Friday was…well, there’s simply no adequate adjective. It was a glorious experience!”

“Your own music and the music you bring to our services is so important to me, while my late husband admired and marveled at your gift of melody…There is no greater gift than giving of one’s self, and you have done it twice over – in your composing and in your presence.”

“Ray, the [Christmas] music was just beautiful.  Silent Night did me in … was my mom and dad’s favorite and you playing your beautiful arrangement struck my soul.” Congregation member and choir parent

“Thank you for all your help in the Christmas Pageant again this year. The Children’s Choir was the best I think I’ve ever heard it.”  Sunday School teacher and Pageant coordinator.

“Thank you for all your inspiring work that made the day so special. I know we are lucky to have you on the journey.”


…church leaders…

“Music made us friends; this is so wonderful! You are making world peace by music. …Keep making good music!”
– Ann Tomie Murakami, Nippon Sei Ko Kai (Anglican Church of Japan)

“I miss good liturgical music; people like you spoiled me!”
– Priest, Diocese of Los Angeles


“This is FANTASTIC!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Seriously, I’m so thrilled with this… exactly the quality I was hoping to get!!!”
– Jason Abel, Christ Church, Alexandria VA

“The choir loved it; I played it for one of our priests who won’t be here for Lessons and Carols and she thought it was just perfect too!”

“…a great anthem that was easily learned and well constructed. In all, the commission was “money well-spent!” – Terry Heisey, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Lebanon PA

“I’ve heard a ton of positive remarks about the music. Everyone seems to be really enjoying it, and glad that it was just the quartet this year. I’ve even heard that it has been the most meaningful musical holidays for some. Well done, Ray. I know your beautiful arrangements had a lot to do with that.:) ” A temple member.


Posted June 13, 2010 by Ray Urwin

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  1. Ray is a very talented and gifted organist, accompanist, and composer. I have enjoyed working with Ray since 2008 and deeply appreciate his skills, talents and sense of humor! I look forward to working with Ray in the years to come. You are a blessing! ~Rabbi Mark Goldfarb, Temple Beth Ohr, La Mirada, CA.

  2. Hi Ray
    You know I’ve always been a fan of yours. John & I are active in our church here in Beaverton, OR St. Bartholomew, we have a wonderful music director Ward Nelson. And the music he plays reminds me so much of you.

    Blessings to you and yours family
    Nancy M. Herrman
    (originally from St. John’s DE

    Nancy M. Herrman
    • Thanks Nancy. Great to hear from you. Hi to John, and you’ve probably heard by now the sad news about St. John’s? I have other sad news from our era in Wilmington you may be interested in knowing, as well. If you want, send me your email address ( and we’ll e-talk off-blog! Ray

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